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Quotimation is a new and powerful Quoting and Business Management tool for motor vehicle repairers

Automatic Backup

What is Quotimation's Automatic Backup solution ?

Automatic Backup is an optional feature that automatically performs the backup of your data to a secure, private and offsite data store.

What does it cost ?

A few bucks a week. Please see the pricing page for more information.

Why do I need to backup my data anyway ?

Backup is necessary to avoid the worst consequences of data loss.
There is a cheeky definition that says "There are only two types of computer - those that HAVE failed, and those that WILL fail"!
It might fail next week, or in ten years time, but eventually it will fail.
Everything that is not backed up is lost forever.
Backups are the equivalent to a wearing a seat belt in a car. You might go decades without ever being in a car crash, but once you are in a crash it is too late to put on the seat belt.

What causes data loss ?

hard drive failure in your PC
accidental deletion
general computer failure
power spikes
forgetting to backup
backup media (hard disk etc) fails - so your backed up data cannot be restored
irregular backups which mean it can be a long time since your last backup - and everything since that backup is lost forever

What are the benefits of Automatic Backup ?

It is automatic - so you don't need to remember to do it
It is regular - backups are scheduled every 1 - 4 hours - so there is a minimum of data lost if the worst happens
it is stored offsite - so it is immune from issues such as fire or theft
it is private and secure - so no one else can access or see your your data
it is comprehensive - includes all your Estimates including images, invoices, and printouts.
it is not intrusive - it happens silently in the background so all your users can keep using Quotimation without needing to stop for the backup

Can I still use Quotimation's Manual Backups instead of Automatic Backup ?

Yes. The normal manual backup can still be used. However, please note that with manual backups you are still subject to the following issues ...
theft, fire, or vandalism corrupting your backup media
forgetting to backup
delays to system usage during backup
backing up less often (perhaps daily or weekly) typically means much more data is missing from a backup exactly when it is most needed

Is Automatic Backup 100% reliable ?

No system on the planet is 100% reliable. However - Automatic Backup is an excellent backup tool that solves or minimises nearly every possible problem associated with other techniques of backing up.

Are there other benefits in using Automatic Backup ?

Yes. If we have access to the offsite backup location then we can much more easily fix any issues that you may have with Quotimation.

Quotimation is a simple to use tool that will change your
information overload into competitive advantage with

  • the speed and quality of your decision making
  • customer service
  • office efficiency
  • sharing information between users

which all adds up to less grief and more profit.