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Key People


Greg Bailey
Manager - Customers
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Greg has written a lot more than 20,000 quotes on various quoting packages, so he knows exactly what slows you down, what works, and what makes you more profitable.
He started as a Panel Beater in 1982, and is now a 30 year veteran of the Industry.  He was responsible for the introduction of the first quoting software into Leichhardt Auto Repairs in 1987, and he has been using various packages ever since.  He has managed and/or owned several repair shops.
At Quotimation Greg is responsible for everything to do with Customers, including Support, Marketing, and he also decides how Quotimation should work.

Damian Carey
Manager - Technology
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Damian has 30 years experience through a wide range of Technology and Management positions.  Originally working as a Mechanical Engineer, then moving into software as a developer, architect, Project Manager and a Consultant, he has worked across the manufacturing, telecommunications, air traffic control, and defence sectors.
Combined with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master of Engineering (Software) and an M.B.A (Technology Management) he has a vast range of experience and qualification to apply to Quotimation.
At Quotimation Damian is responsible for turning Greg's ideas into the world's best quoting and business management package!

How it all started ...

Like all great ideas, it started over a beer at a BBQ!
Greg and Damian had known each other well for more than a decade. With their respective backgrounds in smash repair and software a common theme of discussion was quoting software.
The rest, as they say, is history ...