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InCloud Deployment


from ...

$75/Month - 1 or 2 Users

$125/Month - 3+ Users


Also, once off initial cost: $100/User 

Features List

  • We host Quotimation inCloud, and you access it on just about any device from anywhere
  • Works on PCs, Laptops, Macs, iPads, and Android Tablets - any device that can run the RDP application
  • Note that this is the full powerful and fast version of Quotimation - not a cut down app
  • All your users - live & simultaneous, collaborating and sharing

Ideal for any sort of remote access situation including ...

  • Remote quoting - customer premises, assessment centre etc
  • PDR - who can have teams at various locations
  • Work or monitor either from home or on the road

Other uses ...

  • Remove your need to have a server on premesis
  • The Quotimation inCloud server can also host EstImage and probably other software such as MYOB etc. Those programs then become available from anywhere just like Quotimation.

Added flexibility ... 

  • You can change the number of users as required - particularly useful for PDR and their "seasonal" staff fluctuations


For Large Repairers

Large repairers benefit from the fully integrated features, the office collaboration tools, the fast & robust technology, and the automated data backups.

For Small Repairers

Small repairers benefit because insurers are connected, administration is reduced, troubles are avoided, and their status is always visible at a glance.

Automated Backup

The industry's ultimate data security solution Automatic, private, secure, off site data backups including all estimates, invoices, printouts, & images.