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New Zealand  (04) 889 2600

Premium Extras


AU  $100/Month

NZ  $115/Month

Features List

  • Premium extras are extremely useful for most medium and larger bodyshops.
  • Loan Car Management
  • Reminders per estimate 
  • Live KPI data & graphs with full export capability
  • Automatic job scheduling tool
  • Full suite of site overviews tools including Dashboard, Work Schedule, and Shop Whiteboard
  • Automatic backup - private secure offsite to a location of your choice - eg OneDrive, DropBox etc
  • Priority phone and remote desktop support


For Large Repairers

Large repairers benefit from the fully integrated features, the office collaboration tools, the fast & robust technology, and the automated data backups.

For Small Repairers

Small repairers benefit because insurers are connected, administration is reduced, troubles are avoided, and their status is always visible at a glance.

Automated Backup

The industry's ultimate data security solution Automatic, private, secure, off site data backups including all estimates, invoices, printouts, & images.