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Screen Casts

Quotimation And Xero

This quick screen cast shows how well Quotimation integrates with Xero.  


Quotimation and AudaNet

This quick 30-second screen cast shows how quick easy it is to use AudaNet with Quotimation  

The Active Estimates List

6 minute introduction to using Quotimation to manage your shop. This video takes us through some of the basics of the Active Estimates List - which is a simple to use but extremely powerful way to understand what is happening in your shop.  

General introduction to writing quotes

10 minute introduction general introduction to writing quotes. Quotimation probably has the easiest, most flexible, and fastest ways to enter repair estimates. It is simple enough for beginners, but it also has the flexibility and power required by the busiest quoters in the industry. This 10 minute screen cast takes you through from the simplest ways to enter estimates, through to the main tools for power users.  

Adding Assessor's Adjustments

This screen cast demonstrates how to add assessor's adjustments, including how to add the authorisation information.    

Using QParts

This screen cast demonstrates get part numbers and prices using QParts. Firstly send a request to your supplier, then drag and drop their reply into Quotimation to import the data into your Estimate.    

Exporting data to MYOB

This 4 minute screencast demonstrates how to easily transfer customer and invoice data from Quotimation to MYOB. This demonstrates the manual method, and shows how quick and effective it is at saving time and avoiding mistakes.