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Pricing / Features

Quotimation Professional


$150/Month - 1st workstation
$50/Month - each additional workstation/PC

  • Features List:
    • This is the base version of Quotimation that contains everything you need for most small and medium size bodyshops.
    • Full flexible estimating modules
    • Full service Australian Help Desk via phone, remote desktop, or email
    • Imaging tools
    • Smart alerts and advice
    • Automatic Estimate history recording (emails, inv, printouts etc etc)
    • Invoicing & Ordering
    • Paperless office - store all your documents electronically
    • PDF branding - your own logo on all printouts
    • Debtor & Creditor management 
    • Export to Xero or  MYOB AccountingRight
    • Email Estimates, RFQs, Orders & Invoices as PDFs
    • Insurer connections: ORM, PNET, EstImage, ARNIE, NTAR, LTAR.
    • PartsCheck, PartsTrader, and QParts
    • WebTRIM, PlanningPlus or OnTrak
    • AudaNet
    • Send SMS directly from estimates
    • Staff collaboration tools including site notice board


Premium Extras



  • Features List:
    • Premium extras are extremely useful for most medium and larger bodyshops.
    • Loan Car Management
    • Reminders
    • Live KPI data & graphs with full export capability
    • Event Tracker - for managing events - OHS, Environmental, Equipment Maintenance etc
    • Automatic job scheduling tool
    • Full suite of site overviews tools including Dashboard, Work Schedule, and Shop Whiteboard
    • Automatic backup - private secure offsite
    • Priority phone and remote desktop support


InCloud Deployment


from ...

$75/Month - 1 or 2 Users

$125/Month - 3+ Users


Also, once off initial cost: $100/User 

  • Features List:
    • We host Quotimation inCloud, and you access it on just about any device from anywhere
    • Works on PCs, Laptops, Macs, iPads, and Android Tablets - any device that can run the RDP application
    • Note that this is the full powerful and fast version of Quotimation - not a cut down app
    • All your users - live & simultaneous, collaborating and sharing

    Ideal for any sort of remote access situation including ...

    • Remote quoting - customer premises, assessment centre etc
    • PDR - who can have teams at various locations
    • Work or monitor either from home or on the road

    Other uses ...

    • Remove your need to have a server on premesis
    • The Quotimation inCloud server can also host EstImage and probably other software such as MYOB etc. Those programs then become available from anywhere just like Quotimation.

    Added flexibility ... 

    • You can change the number of users as required - particularly useful for PDR and their "seasonal" staff fluctuations


  • Features List:
    • Take photos on your mobile/device and imports them directly to Quotimation
    • Can also add various other data such as customer, claim, and vehicle details
    • Available for Android & iOS
    • Can be used on as many mobiles / devices as you wish





    • All prices are ex GST
    • Pricing is based on payment 12 months in advance
    • Minimum billing period is 3 months and incurs a 10% surcharge
    • Payment by credit/debit card incurrs a 3% surcharge to cover merchant fees
    • Payment is due in advance - and license Keys are issued on receipt of funds into our account
    • Prices subject to change without notice
    • All supplies are IAW the details in Quotimation > Help > About Quotimation > License.



For Large Repairers

Large repairers benefit from the fully integrated features, the office collaboration tools, the fast & robust technology, and the automated data backups.

For Small Repairers

Small repairers benefit because insurers are connected, administration is reduced, troubles are avoided, and their status is always visible at a glance.

Automated Backup

The industry's ultimate data security solution Automatic, private, secure, off site data backups including all estimates, invoices, printouts, & images.